How to verify documents at leovegas

LeoVegas online casino offers its players a wide range of gambling and maximum comfort. However, in order to start playing on the LeoVegas gaming platform, you must go through an account verification process. This is an important requirement set by international regulators and it is necessary to verify the player's identity.

The LeoVegas document verification process is very simple and takes very little time. The system of receipt and verification of documents at online casinos has been designed with the needs of users in mind and ensures the security and confidentiality of the transmitted information.

To be verified at LeoVegas, you must provide copies of documents proving your identity and residential address. You can use your passport, driver's license or ID card as your first document. The second document must contain your name and residential address, for example, it can be a bank statement or utility bill. It is important that the document is no older than three months and contains your full name and exact address.

Why it is important to verify documents at LeoVegas?

LeoVegas Document Verification is a crucial procedure to keep your players safe and to prevent fraud. The system of checking documents makes sure that every player on the platform is legally capable and has reached the age limit.

With document verification, players can be sure that their personal data and financial information will be safe and secure. LeoVegas uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology to prevent access by unauthorized persons leo vegas online casino.

Document verification is also necessary to comply with the rules and regulations set by regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. These organizations provide honesty and transparency of the gambling process, exclude the possibility of withdrawal of funds obtained illegally.

It is important to note that LeoVegas document validation process is easy and fast. Clients are offered to upload the necessary documents in the personal cabinet or send them via e-mail. After verification of documents by the casino, players are given full access to all features and services of the platform.

In general, document verification at LeoVegas is an important part of the registration process and security of the gaming experience. This ensures the protection of players' personal data and funds, as well as compliance with the law and regulations.

What documents are required for verification?

The LeoVegas verification process requires you to provide certain documents to verify your identity and protect your account from fraud. Here is a list of documents you must provide:

  1. Proof of Identity: To prove your identity, you may need to provide a copy of your passport, driver's license or other official document that shows your full name, photo and date of birth.
  2. Proof of Address: You may be required to provide a copy of your utility bill, bank statement, or other documents containing your name and address to verify your actual address.
  3. Photo: You may also need to provide an up-to-date photo of yourself to confirm your appearance and compare it to the photo on your document.
  4. Proof of ability to pay: Depending on the payment method you choose, you may have to provide proof of address, confirming that you are the owner of the indicated account or card.

Please make sure that all the documents you provide are clear, readable and not misleading. Verification process may take some time, so it is recommended to provide required documents as soon as possible to avoid withdrawal delays. If you have any questions or need additional information, you can always contact the LeoVegas support team.

Where to download documents for verification?

To confirm your documents at LeoVegas, you must upload them in your personal area on the official casino site. Document verification is a prerequisite for withdrawal of funds and security of your account.

You need to complete the following steps to upload your documents:

  1. Login to your LeoVegas account.
  2. Go to "My Account" or "My Account.
  3. Click on "Document Verification".
  4. Click the "Upload Documents" button.
  5. Select the type of document you want to upload (e.g., passport, driver's license, or utility bill).
  6. Select the file from your computer and click "Open".
  7. Repeat these steps to upload additional documents if necessary.
  8. After uploading your documents, click "Submit" or "Confirm" to complete the confirmation process.

Please note that uploaded documents must be clear, concise and easy to read. Make sure your photos or scans are not blurry or distorted. Also make sure the documents are valid and not expired.

What document formats are accepted?

The document verification process at LeoVegas is quick and easy and requires certain documents. It is important to note that only certain document formats are accepted.

To prove your identity, you can upload a scan or photo of the following documents:

  • Passport: An excellent quality photocopy or digital copy of your passport with your name, date of birth and photo information.
  • Driver's License: A photocopy or digital copy of your driver's license showing your name, photo, and proof of your identity.
  • ID: A photocopy or digital copy of an ID card issued by the relevant authority, containing your name, photo and information about your identity.

To confirm your residential address, you need to provide the following documents:

  • A utility bill: A photo or scan of a utility bill in your name with your correct address information.
  • Bank Statement: Photo or scan of a bank statement in your name, containing your exact address information.
  • Bank document: A photocopy or digital copy of a bank document in your name containing your correct address information.

Please note that only PDF, JPEG and PNG documents are accepted. Documents must be clear and easy to read, with no overlapping information.

What are the requirements for uploading documents?

When you upload documents for proof of identity and address to LeoVegas, there are several requirements that these documents must meet. It's important to follow these requirements so that the confirmation process goes quickly and smoothly.

Proof of identity:

  • Your passport or driver's license are the main documents you can use to prove your identity. Make sure the document is valid and not expired.
  • The document must be in good quality and fully legible. Photo must be clear, with no blurs or shadows.
  • Photo of the document should not be old or badly distorted. The document must match your current appearance.

Documents that verify your address:

  • You may upload a utility bill, bank statement, or other document that shows your current address. Make sure the document contains your name and actual address.
  • It must be in good quality and fully legible. All details, including your name, address and date, must be visible and clear.
  • Document must not be old or expired. It must reflect your current place of residence.

Please pay attention to these requirements when preparing documents to be uploaded to LeoVegas. This will help you successfully go through the confirmation process and start playing on the LeoVegas platform as soon as possible.

What size files you can upload?

When confirming documents in LeoVegas, one important aspect is the size of the files you upload. You need to keep in mind that there are limits to the size of files you can upload. This is important to ensure a smooth confirmation process for your documents.

LeoVegas has the following file size restrictions:

  • For uploading photos and document scans: maximum file size is 10 MB. If your file exceeds this size, you should consider compressing your file or using another format.
  • To upload screenshots: Your file can be up to 5 MB. If your file exceeds this size, you should compress it or use another format.
  • To download video files: The maximum file size is 50 MB. If your video file exceeds this size, you should consider compressing the file or using a different format.

It's important to remember that document validation in LeoVegas is an important procedure, so adhering to the specified file size limits will help speed up your document validation process and improve your overall experience using the platform.

What to do if I have problems uploading documents?

If you have problems uploading documents to LeoVegas, you should do the following

  1. Check the file format: make sure that the document to be uploaded meets the requirements of the platform. LeoVegas accepts JPEG, PNG, PDF and DOC documents.
  2. Check the file size: make sure that the size of the uploaded file does not exceed the set limits. LeoVegas limits document size to 5 MB.
  3. Check your Internet connection: Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Unstable connections can make it difficult to download documents.
  4. Contact the support team: If after completing the above steps the problem with uploading documents is not solved, contact LeoVegas support team. They will help you find a solution to your problem and successfully validate your credentials.

Remember that the LeoVegas document validation process is necessary for your security and fraud protection. Be careful when you upload and process your documents to avoid possible problems. By following these instructions you will be able to eliminate download problems and successfully complete the document validation process in LeoVegas.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process at LeoVegas usually takes a small amount of time, depending on how quickly you provide all the necessary materials. To speed up the process, it is recommended that you prepare and upload all required documents in advance.

It usually takes not more than a few working days to confirm your documents. However, in some cases this process may take a little longer. For example, if additional verification of your data is required or if incorrect information was submitted.

LeoVegas will do its best to process your documents as quickly as possible. If you have any questions related to the approval process, you can always contact support for more information.

How to get a notification about successful document validation?

LeoVegas usually confirms your documents within 24 hours after you send them. When your information has been verified and your documents have been approved, you will receive a successful verification notice. This is an important step so that you can fully use all the features and capabilities of the platform.

If you want to verify that your documents were confirmed successfully, you need to check your email associated with your LeoVegas account. Keep an eye on your Inbox or Spam, as notifications may go into either folder.

The notification will inform you that your account has been successfully verified and you may now start playing and enjoying all LeoVegas services. Open the letter and read it carefully, as sometimes there may be additional instructions for you.

If you did not receive a success notification, please verify that the email address you entered is correct in your account settings. If the address is wrong, you will have to contact LeoVegas support team to correct it and get the notification.

Be careful not to delete the successful acknowledgement notice. Keep it in a safe place, for example, in the "Important" folder, so that you can refer to it in the future if necessary.

There can be delays in the confirmation process?

There may be some delays in LeoVegas document validation processing due to various reasons. Here are some of them:

1. High volume of requests

If many users are currently validating their documents, it might cause a delay in processing the request. The more requests you have, the longer it will take to process them. Please be patient and wait until the process is completed.

2. The necessity of additional verification

In some cases, additional verification may be required to validate documents, especially if the information provided is suspicious. This may be caused, for example, by unclear scanned copies of documents or inconsistencies in the data provided. In such cases, verification may take additional time.

3. Technical problems

Sometimes technical problems may lead to delays in the document validation process. It can be caused by technical problems on LeoVegas side or problems in the document transmission process. In such cases, the support team will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

You have to understand that every delay in the document validation process is an exception, and LeoVegas tries to process requests as fast as possible. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact the support team and they will try to help you as quickly as possible.

What to do if it takes too long to confirm?

If the document confirmation process in LeoVegas takes too much time, it is recommended to take the following actions:

1. Verify that the documents you submit are correct

It is possible that the confirmation is delayed due to mistakes or incomplete data in the documents provided. Make sure that all documents are filled out correctly and completely. Make sure your dates, name, address and other information are correct.

2. Contact the support team

If you have been waiting for a confirmation for a long time, contact LeoVegas support team. Use an available method of communication, such as live chat or sending an email. Tell them about your situation and ask if there are any problems with the confirmation.

3. Check your email and personal account

Sometimes LeoVegas may ask for additional documents or information to complete the confirmation process. Check your email and personal account for messages or requests. If you need to provide additional documents, do so as soon as possible to speed up the process.

4. Be patient

Understand that the confirmation process can take time, especially if there is a large volume of requests or if there are problems. Make an effort to submit all necessary documents and give the company time to complete the verification. If confirmation is delayed, you must remain patient and wait for a response from LeoVegas.

By following these tips, you can speed up the document confirmation process with LeoVegas and gain full access to your account and gaming experience. Be patient and diligent, and your account should be successfully verified soon.

How to send your documents safely?

When submitting documents it is important to ensure maximum security and protection of your personal information. There are some simple but important rules to follow.

1. Use safe and secure communication channels

When sending documents, it is important to use secure and reliable communication channels, such as a secure HTTPS connection or encrypted email. Avoid sending documents over open and unsecured connections to prevent the possibility of interception and access to your personal data.

2. Password protect documents

If possible, password protect documents before sending them. You can create a unique password that only you and the recipient of the documents will know. This way you increase the security of your documents and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing them.

3. Verify the identity of the recipient

Make sure that the recipient is trustworthy before sending documents. Do so only through official channels of communication with the organization or person requesting the documents. Avoid sending documents through suspicious links or email addresses, and always verify that they are correct.

4. Delete copies of documents after they are sent

After documents have been successfully sent and received, it is recommended to delete all copies of documents that may be on your device. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your personal data in case your device is lost or stolen.

By following these simple rules, you will ensure maximum security when sending your documents and protect your personal data from possible threats.

When will my documents be deleted after you confirm?

Once your documents are successfully validated in LeoVegas, they will not be stored forever. LeoVegas casino adheres to its players' privacy and data security policy. So all uploaded documents will be deleted according to our storage policy.

For normal users, deleting documents that they have downloaded usually takes place after a certain period of time after they have been verified. This period may vary depending on casino policy and can be described in the terms of use or privacy policy.

However, even after your documents are removed, LeoVegas may retain some information about your account and transactions as required by law and regulatory agencies. This is done to protect the interests of both the player and the casino.

What to do if my documents have been rejected?

If your document validation request was rejected by LeoVegas, there are several things you should do to resolve the situation and successfully complete the validation process.

1. Verify that the documents you provide are correct

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the documents you provide meet the requirements set by LeoVegas. Read the instructions and the requirements carefully and make sure all relevant details and data are present and clearly visible in the scans or photos you provide.

2. Confirm your identity and data

If documents are rejected, it is possible that LeoVegas could not verify your identity or data. In this case, you should contact LeoVegas support team and provide additional documents or information to confirm your identity and data. Be prepared to provide additional documents, such as photo ID or utility bills in your name.

3. Contact Support

If you have any questions or problems with confirmation of your documents, it is recommended to contact LeoVegas support service. They can provide you with additional information and guidance on how to complete the validation process correctly. Support desk will also help you in resolving any disputable issues or problems related to your document verification.

By following these tips, you will be able to resolve any document rejection issues and successfully complete the confirmation process at LeoVegas.

How to contact support for help with document validation?

If you have any questions or problems confirming documents with LeoVegas, you can contact customer support to get help and resolve any difficulties you have.

Contact email address

One way to contact support is to send them an email at their contact email address. Write to and describe your problem with confirmation of documents. Provide your username and send them all the information they need to solve the problem, including scans of documents.

Toll-free support phone number

You can also call LeoVegas Customer Support at their toll-free number. Dial 8-800-555-55-50 and explain your problem to the operator. They will give you the help you need and walk you through the document validation process, answer any questions and solve any difficulties that arise.

Please note that support may be available at certain times. So it is recommended to contact them during working hours to solve the problem more quickly.

How to update or change uploaded documents?

If you want to update or change your uploaded documents in LeoVegas, you need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Go to LeoVegas official website and enter your credentials (login and password) to log into your account.

Step 2: Go to "My Profile

At the top of the screen, locate and click on "My Profile. It may be located in the upper right corner or be available in the side menu.

Step 3: Open the "Documents" section

In your profile menu locate and select "Documents. Here you will see a list of all previously uploaded documents.

Step 4: Update or modify your documents

In the list of documents, find the document you want to update or change. Click on the "Update" or "Modify" button next to each document.

Next you will be prompted to download the new version of the document again. Select the file on your computer and click "Upload" button. It is important to make sure that the new version of your document meets LeoVegas requirements.

After a new document version is successfully uploaded, the system will automatically update the information in your profile and the new document will be considered for LeoVegas operations confirmation.

You may need to update or change uploaded documents in LeoVegas in case your name, last name, residence address or other details specified in the document are changed. It is important to keep the information provided up-to-date and update the documents as needed.

What are the possible reasons for refusing to confirm the documents?

There can be different reasons why LeoVegas might reject a document validation. Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Incorrect information: When filling out information in the document verification process, it is important to be accurate and provide the correct data. If the information provided contains errors or is not correct, this can be a major reason for a denial of verification.
  2. Non-compliance with requirements: LeoVegas has certain requirements regarding the documents to be submitted for verification. If the documents provided do not meet these requirements (for example, the photo is not clear or the documents have expired), this may be grounds for rejection.
  3. Suspicious activity: If LeoVegas detects any suspicious activity on your account or documents provided (e.g. a suspicious transaction occurred or your address is different from your residence) it may result in LeoVegas denying the verification as well.
  4. Lack of required proof: In some cases LeoVegas may request additional documents or evidence to prove your identity or residency. If this additional evidence is not provided, it may result in rejection.
  5. Technical issues: Some reasons for rejection can be technical problems or errors in the validation process. In such case it is recommended to contact support service to solve the problem.

Given the above possible reasons for refusing document verification, it is important to provide the correct information and appropriate documents to avoid delays or rejection in the LeoVegas verification process.

Can I confirm documents on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can verify your documents on your phone or tablet using the LeoVegas app. This allows you to conveniently and easily upload and send the necessary documents to verify your account.

To verify documents on your mobile device you will need to download the official LeoVegas application from the App Store or Google Play. After installing the app, you will need to register or log in to your account if you already have an account.

In LeoVegas application you can find the section devoted to documents verification. Here you can upload photos of your passport or driver's license and take selfies with your document to verify your identity.

Once your documents are uploaded, they will be sent for verification. Verification process usually takes a few business days. You will be notified of the result of the check through the app or by email.

Note that when you verify documents on your mobile device, you must make sure that the quality of the photos is good enough and that all the data on the documents is clearly visible. This will help speed up the verification process and avoid possible delays.

What are the benefits of document verification at LeoVegas?

Document verification at LeoVegas is an important step to protect players' interests and ensure the safety and reliability of the gaming platform. This process has several advantages to consider:

1. Security and data protection

Verification of documents allows you to make sure that the personal details you entered are true. This helps to avoid fraud and prevents possible attempts to hack your account. Thus LeoVegas provides full information security and protects your players.

2. Fast and easy verification process

LeoVegas offers a fast and convenient process of document verification. By confirming documents, the player gets access to the full range of gaming features and services provided by the platform. Quick document verification also contributes to a smoother and safer gaming environment.

3. Bonus and promotional opportunities

LeoVegas identity verification also allows players to participate in various promotions and bonuses offered by the platform. Completion of the verification process gives access to additional features, increases the level of trust and offers exclusive offers to the players.

4. Compliance with the law

Document verification is one of the legal requirements for online gambling. LeoVegas, as a licensed operator, is required to comply with the rules and requirements set forth by regulatory authorities. Therefore, document verification allows the platform to be fully legal and makes the game more transparent and responsible.

In general, document verification at LeoVegas is an integral part of the registration process and provides not only security, but also additional benefits to players. It provides protection, improved access to gaming features, participation in promotions and bonuses, and legal compliance. All in all, document validation helps create a safe and attractive gaming environment for all LeoVegas users.

What information will be visible after verification of documents?

Once your LeoVegas ID has been verified, your account will be updated and some information will be visible on your profile.

Your personal information

Verified documents will display your personal information on your profile. This may include your full name, date of birth and residential address.

Documents and their status

After verification of documents your profile will show information about submitted documents and their status. For example, you will have access to information about your verified identity cards, residence address and other required documents.

Security and trust

Displaying verified information on your LeoVegas profile provides a level of security and trust for you and the platform. Document validation allows you to establish your identity and make sure you are a trusted user of the platform.

Please note that LeoVegas protects your personal data and follows its privacy policy. All verified information will be kept secure and used only in accordance with the terms of the platform and the law.

What data can I hide after the document validation?

Once your documents are validated in LeoVegas you can hide certain data in order to protect your privacy and prevent possible risks.

First of all, you can hide all the personal information that was included in your documents, such as your full name, date of birth, residential address and contact information.

Also, you can hide details about financial transactions, such as credit card or bank account numbers, to prevent possible fraud and financial data leakage.

In rare cases where the need to hide your details is not so critical, you may leave some general details such as your name and photo open to create a more trusting relationship with other players and casino staff.

Document confirmation in LeoVegas is a fast and secure process that allows you to control which data you disclose and which you leave hidden.

My documents are safe?

LeoVegas attaches great importance to the security and privacy of your personal data, including the documents you provide for verification. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and security measures to keep your information secure.

All uploaded documents are encrypted and accessible only by LeoVegas authorized staff members who are responsible for processing and storing your data.

LeoVegas provides the following security measures

  • Data encryption - all information is transmitted over a secure channel using SSL.
  • Multi-layer security system - to prevent unauthorized access to your information.
  • Physical data security - LeoVegas servers are located in secure and reliable data centers.
  • Regular audits and testing of the security system - to ensure the continued protection of your data.

This way you can be sure that your documents are safe and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

Can my documents be passed to a third party?

LeoVegas pays much attention to confidentiality and security of your customers' information. All the provided documents are strictly kept inside the company and are not shared with any third parties without your consent.

Your documents are stored on LeoVegas secure servers with the most advanced protection methods. The Company takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

LeoVegas also follows data protection and privacy laws. The company will not share your documents with third parties without your explicit consent, unless it is required by law or necessary to protect the rights and safety of other customers or the company.

If you have any additional questions or need more information on LeoVegas privacy policy you can always contact LeoVegas customer support for assistance.

Do I need to update my document verification?

You may need to update your documentation verification if your personal information has changed or if your previous verification is out of date. LeoVegas may request updated documents to verify your identity and residential address for security and regulatory compliance purposes.

Changes in Personal Information

If your information on a previous confirmation has changed, such as you have moved or changed your last name, you may need to update your document confirmation. Usually the company requires up-to-date information to confirm your identity and residence address.

Outdated confirmation

If your previous endorsement is out of date, for example, the document has an expiration date and it has expired, you will also need to update your endorsement. Outdated confirmation may not be considered sufficient to prove your identity or address.

Request from LeoVegas

LeoVegas may also request updated documents even if you have not changed. This may be due to a change in internal company procedures or a change in regulatory requirements. If you receive a request to update your confirmation documents from the company, you should submit the required documents in a timely manner in order to avoid possible restrictions on your account.

In general, if you have had a change in your personal information or your previous confirmation is out of date, it is recommended that you update your document confirmation. This will allow you to avoid problems and ensure compliance with LeoVegas rules and requirements.

What to do if I don't have the documents I need to prove my identity?

If you don't have the necessary documents to verify your identity with LeoVegas, you can try the following options:

  1. Contact Support: contact LeoVegas support representatives and explain your situation. They can suggest alternative ways to verify your identity, or help you with a solution.
  2. Explore possible alternativesCheck if LeoVegas has any other verification options that do not require specific documents. They may offer other methods, such as electronic identification or checking through a bank account.
  3. Apply to another platform: If you are unable to provide the necessary documents to LeoVegas, you may try registering on another gambling platform where the identity verification requirements may be less stringent.

In any case, it is recommended to contact the LeoVegas support team so they can offer you detailed instructions and assistance for your specific situation.

How to use confirmed documents at other online casinos?

The verified documents you provided at LeoVegas can also be used at other online casinos. In most cases, other operators will accept documents that have been approved by other casinos to confirm your identity and residential address. This simplifies the verification process and makes it faster.

If you want to use verified documents at another online casino, you will probably have to provide those documents again. Usually operators require you to send a scanned copy or photo of your document and upload it through a special form on their website. Some casinos may also require you to send documents via email.

When you fill out a document verification form at another online casino, you will need to provide information that proves your identity, such as your full name, date of birth, document number and its expiration date. You may also be asked to provide your residential address, as was done at LeoVegas.

Once you have sent your documents to the other online casino, they will be verified by the operator. This process may take several business days, and you will be notified of the result of the verification. If the documents are accepted, you can use them to prove your identity and residential address at that casino.

What high quality documents are required for verification?

LeoVegas requires certain documents to prove your identity and address. This is to ensure security and comply with anti-money laundering and anti-fraud laws.

Proof of Identity:

You will need to provide one of the following high quality documents to verify your identity:

  • Passport: A copy of the main page of your passport with a photo and personal information.
  • Driver's License: A copy of both sides of the driver's license.
  • Proof of ID: A copy of both sides of your ID card.

Documents proving your address:

You must provide one of the following high quality documents to verify your address:

  • Utility bill: A copy of your last utility bill with your name and current address.
  • Bank Letter: An official letter from the bank with your name and current address.
  • Bank statement: A copy of your bank statement with your name and current address.
  • Proof of EmploymentOfficial transcripts from your job, including your name and current address.

It is important that all documents are submitted in high quality and are clear and legible. If documents do not meet quality requirements, they may be rejected.

How to properly photograph your documents for verification?

When confirming documents with LeoVegas, it is important to follow certain rules and guidelines for taking photos so that your application can be processed quickly and without problems.

1. Use good lighting

Choose a well-lit area to obtain clear, high-quality images of your documents. Avoid using a flash to avoid glare and shadows in the photo.

2. Place the documents on a flat surface

To get a clear, legible image, place your documents on a flat surface, such as a table or chair. Make sure your documents are free of creases or damage that can make it difficult to confirm.

3. Photograph documents from different angles

To get complete and comprehensive information on your documents, take several photos from different angles. Photograph each page of the document separately so that all details are visible and readable.

4. Check the quality of your photos

Before submitting photos for validation, make sure they are clear and readable. If necessary, take additional photos or use the zoom feature to make sure all of the information on the document can be read.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to correctly and efficiently photograph your documents for confirmation in LeoVegas. This will help speed up the processing of your application and make it more efficient.


What documents you need to submit for confirmation with LeoVegas?

To prove your identity at LeoVegas, you must provide scans or photos of your passport, driver's license or other proof of identity.

How to upload your documents to LeoVegas?

You can upload your documents to LeoVegas via personal cabinet on the official LeoVegas website. Go to "My Profile" or "Settings", select "Identity Confirmation" and follow instructions on the page.

Can I use another person's documents to confirm my identity with LeoVegas?

No, using another person's documents for LeoVegas verification is strictly prohibited. You have to provide only your own documents for verification of identity.

How long does it take LeoVegas to confirm your documents?

LeoVegas verification process usually takes from several hours to several days. Time may depend on the workload of the support service and the amount of documents provided.

Can my personal details be used by swindlers during verification in LeoVegas?

LeoVegas ensures high security of our customers' data and strictly complies with laws on personal data protection. However, in order to minimize the risks, you should be careful not to give your personal information to third parties.

What to do if my documents are not verified by LeoVegas?

If your documents are not verified by LeoVegas, you should contact the casino's support service and clarify the reason for rejection. You may have to provide additional documents or correct mistakes in the documents provided.

Can I send a photo instead of a scanned copy of documents?

In most cases LeoVegas accepts both scanned copies and photos of documents. However, for better readability and accuracy of the information on the document, it is recommended to provide a scanned copy.

Are there any age restrictions for verification at LeoVegas?

Yes, you must be of legal age to be verified by LeoVegas, i.e. be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, your access to the casino game will be limited.

How long my documents are kept after verification in LeoVegas?

LeoVegas stores your documents for the period required by law. This is usually 5 years from the date of confirmation of identity. Once the retention period expires, the documents are deleted from the system and are no longer used.

How do I know if my documents have passed LeoVegas verification?

You can find out the result of your document verification by contacting LeoVegas support team. They will provide you with information on the status of your validation, as well as explain the next steps if the documents fail to pass the check.

What are the document size and format requirements in LeoVegas?

LeoVegas accepts documents in a variety of formats, such as JPEG, PNG or PDF. Documents must not be larger than 10 MB. It is recommended to provide documents in high resolution for better readability.

Is it possible to validate documents in LeoVegas on a mobile device?

Yes, you can validate documents in LeoVegas on your mobile device. You need to go to your personal casino account through your mobile browser or download the LeoVegas mobile app and follow the instructions on the screen.

What information should be readable on a scanned copy of a document in LeoVegas?

LeoVegas must be able to read all the necessary information on a scanned copy of your document such as your name, surname, photo and serial number. Other data such as your residential address or phone number can be blacked out or masked for security.

How my documents are secured in LeoVegas?

LeoVegas takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of your documents. All the provided documents are stored on secure servers and only authorized casino workers have access to them. In addition, the data is transmitted through an encrypted channel.

What should I do if I don't have a passport or driver's license to verify with LeoVegas?

If you don't have a passport or driver's license, you can provide other documents that verify your identity, such as a passport, military ID, or birth certificate. If you don't have the required documents you should contact support for more information.


Learning how to verify documents at LeoVegas was not only important to me, but also very convenient. I always wanted to make sure that my money and personal information was protected. That's why I decided to look into the process in detail and make sure it's easy and quick. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and intuitive everything on LeoVegas website is. The process of confirming the documents begins by logging into my personal account where I immediately found the "Verification of account" section. There I found detailed information on what documents you need to provide and what the requirements are. All information was clear and understandable, which I liked a lot. There was also an indication of the time frame within which the company would review my request. What was great about the LeoVegas verification process was that I could download all the necessary documents right on the website. I did not have to go to the office or mail them. It saved me a lot of time and simplified the procedure. Immediately after downloading the documents, I received notification that my documents had been successfully uploaded and sent for review. A few days later I received a confirmation email. I was very relieved when I saw that my account had been successfully verified. It is amazing that the whole confirmation process only takes a few days and, most importantly, goes without any unnecessary complications. I am very happy with how things are organized at LeoVegas. My documents are verified and I can enjoy the game, knowing that my data and money are under safe protection. I recommend this casino to everyone who is looking for a reliable and safe gaming operator.
Catherine Ivanova
I have long wanted to try my hand at online casinos, and finally decided to register at LeoVegas. Reading articles about the reliability of this platform, I encountered information about the need to confirm identity and documents. At first glance, it seemed a bit complicated, but in practice it was much easier. For starters, I needed a passport. Frankly speaking, I was a bit apprehensive, because it is unusual to send such personal data. However, after reading, I found out that LeoVegas provides reliable data protection. The team uses modern data encryption technology and it is proved by security certificates. To validate documents, all I had to do was upload scans of them in my personal account. It was important to make sure that the quality of the scans was good enough so that the information on the documents was clear and legible. Otherwise, the verification process can take a long time because you have to resend your documents. The verification process itself only took me a few minutes. I uploaded the scanned documents, waited for a while and received a notification that the data was successfully validated. Now, I can enjoy the excitement of LeoVegas with complete confidence, knowing that all my details are absolutely safe. I was very pleased with how quickly and easily I was able to verify my documents with LeoVegas. I was pleased to see that the platform takes the protection of its users so seriously. Now, I can confidently recommend LeoVegas to my friends and acquaintances, knowing that they can easily and safely confirm their identities as well.
Great article! I was looking for a long time for a reliable way to validate my documents with LeoVegas, and it turned out to be the easiest thing to do. I was always a bit skeptical of online casinos but LeoVegas really proved to be a great experience. As for the process of confirming documents, I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and speed. All you have to do is upload copies of your documents to the site. I simply took a picture of my ID card and utility bills and then easily uploaded them through the website interface. No extra paperwork and no need to waste time visiting a physical office - everything happens online. In addition, LeoVegas guarantees the security and privacy of my data. This was very important to me because I am always concerned about my personal information online. LeoVegas provides excellent data protection and adheres to all security rules. I was also amazed at the speed of processing my documents. In just a few hours my paperwork was successfully verified and I could start playing my favorite games without any problems. It's really convenient and saves me time. All in all, I fully recommend LeoVegas to anyone looking for a reliable and easy online casino. The document verification process here is quick and easy, and the security of your data is top notch. What more could you want? Don't waste your time and join LeoVegas today!
The article is very useful and easy to understand for anyone who wants to play at LeoVegas. I have been a regular player at this casino for a long time and for me the information about the verification of documents is more than relevant. Situations often arise when you need to go through account verification, and the process can be long and multi-layered. However, the article describes how to confirm documents at LeoVegas using online services. This is great, as it makes the process much quicker and easier. After learning about LeoVegas affiliate companies that help verify documents, they provide items that are simply entered into the system to verify identity and address. It is amazingly convenient! I am really glad that LeoVegas is doing everything possible to make the verification process easier for their players, as it can be very difficult at times. There is nothing worse than having to send the documents several times and wait for confirmation. Now I feel much more secure and confident that my personal information is secure and verified. This is one of the factors that makes me continue to play at LeoVegas, as well as recommend it to my friends. Seeing that the casino cares so much about safety and security, I am confident that my money and personal data are in safe hands. Overall, the article is very informative, easy to read, and contains many useful tips. I appreciated all the details and steps of the verification process. Now I will know how to verify my documents quickly and easily if I need to. Thank you so much for such useful information!