Why leovegas requires passport details

Leovegas - it is a reliable and innovative online service that allows you to gamble for real money. To ensure the safety and protection of our users, we ask for passport details when you register on the platform. In this article we will tell you why we need this data and what features and security guarantees it provides.

Why Leovegas requires passport details?

One of the main principles of Leovegas is to ensure the security and protection of its customers' personal data. Passport details allow us to make sure that every player on our platform is a real person, an adult user who is eligible to gamble. This way we avoid the possibility of fraud and unauthorized use of our service.

Opportunities offered by passport data

Providing passport details allows the user to access the following features:

  1. Performing financial transactions: Passport details allow you to check your identity and prove your right to make transactions in your name. This allows you to easily and securely withdraw your winnings from your gaming account.
  2. Fraud protection: Passport information helps us combat fraudulent activities, such as creating multiple accounts by the same user or trying to use someone else's information. This ensures fair and safe play for all.
  3. Ability to restore your account: If you lose account access or forget your password, passport data helps us verify your identity and help us restore access to your account.

Guarantees security and privacy

We understand that providing passport information may raise security and privacy concerns. At Leovegas, we take the protection of our customers' personal data seriously. We apply advanced technology and security standards to keep your information in a safe and secure environment leovegas bonus.

We do not share your data with third parties without your consent, and we use it only for the purposes specified in our privacy policy. You can find more information about our security measures and privacy policy on our website.

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Providing passport information to Leovegas is a step toward safe and secure gambling. We value the trust of our customers and ensure that your personal data is kept in a secure environment and is only used in accordance with our privacy policy. Join us and have fun playing with security and comfort!

Why Leovegas collects passport data

Leovegas, one of the leading online casinos, collects passport details of its customers for security and fraud protection purposes. This helps ensure that only adult players can use the casino and prevents minors from gambling.

The use of passport data also helps to secure the gaming platform from abuse and the creation of multiple accounts by one person. This prevents unscrupulous actions by users, such as money laundering or fraud.

Leovegas also collects passport data to comply with legal requirements, strictly following the principles of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. This helps to ensure the fairness and transparency of the gambling process, as well as to protect the interests of the casino itself and its customers.

It is important to note that Leovegas provides a high level of privacy and protection of its customers' data. Passport data is stored encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized casino staff, respecting standards of privacy and information security. This ensures that your personal and financial situation is secure and does not fall into the hands of third parties.

Passport data for customer security

In today's world, customer security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of financial transactions. The use of passport data in the process of registration and authentication of the client is an integral part of security measures.

Passport details allow the platform operators to establish customer identity and anti-fraud policy. They set possible restrictions and access rights, which minimizes the risks for both parties.

Leovegas - one of the leading companies providing state-of-the-art online gambling services. Understanding the importance of customer security, Leovegas uses advanced technology to protect data and maintain strict privacy standards.

Security Safeguards

  • Strict privacy policy and protection of personal data.
  • Encryption of data during transmission and storage on servers.
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure only authorized users have access.
  • Monitoring of activity and detection of suspicious activities to prevent fraud.
  • Round-the-clock user support and response to possible incidents in the shortest possible time.


Using passport data for customer security is a necessary and responsible step to create a safe and secure environment for financial transactions in Leovegas online service. Our security and privacy assurances provide customers with maximum protection and a favorable environment for gaming and entertainment.

Benefits of providing passport information

1. Easy and convenient process

Passing your passport details to Leovegas allows you to go through the verification process quickly and easily. You don't have to fill out long forms and provide additional documents - just upload your passport photo in a secure format.

2. Security Guarantee

Leovegas takes your data security seriously. Providing passport data helps to prevent fraud and protect you from possible identity theft. Your data will be kept strictly confidential and used only to confirm your identity.

3. Gain extra benefits

Providing your passport data allows you to become a full member and get access to all the benefits and features Leovegas offers. Easily place bets, play your favourite games and get exclusive bonuses and offers.

4. Protection from minors

Passport details verification helps to prevent underage players from playing for money. It's an added security measure that helps protect them from potential negative consequences and control access to gambling.

5. Protection against money laundering

Providing passport data helps prevent money laundering and other financial fraud. Leovegas cooperates with regulators and strictly complies with the law, so we require passport data verification to ensure transparency and legality of all financial transactions.

Protection against fraudulent activities

Advanced security technology

Leovegas uses advanced security technology to protect your passport data from fraud. Our company uses advanced encryption systems to ensure that your personal data is not penetrated. All your passport data is stored on secure servers and is only accessible by Leovegas employees with special authorizations.

Proactive security support

We take several measures to ensure the security of your personal information. Every Leovegas employee is required to undergo data security training and adhere to strict access rules. We also conduct regular security audits to make sure our systems are reliable.

If you notice any suspicious activity on your account or have doubts about the security of your passport data you can always contact our support team. Our experts will give you the help you need and investigate to protect your information from fraudulent activities.

Security Guarantee

Leovegas offers guarantees of security of your personal information. We do not share your passport details with third parties without your consent and will not use them for commercial purposes. All information about you is kept confidential and is only used to confirm your identity and provide you with services.

We strive to provide reliable protection against fraudulent activities and do our best to keep your personal information safe. You can rest assured that your passport data is secure with Leovegas.

Ensuring responsible gaming

Leovegas goes to great lengths to provide its customers with a safe and responsible gambling platform. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy gambling habits and ensuring the safety of our users.

Self-restriction system - One of the main features that allows users to set limits on their bets, set limits for deposits and losses. This helps prevent excessive gambling and protects players from potential financial trouble.

Sources of information about problematic gambling - Our platform provides access to various resources and links where users can get information and support about problem gambling. We also work with organizations that specialize in helping those with gambling problems.

Underage Gambling Prevention

We strictly adhere to the minors' privacy policy and do our best to prevent minors from gambling. To this end, Leovegas procedurally checks the age of all of its customers and uses technology to ensure that minors cannot access the gaming platform.

Continuous control and monitoring

Leovegas has a strict policy to monitor and supervise all users' gaming activity in order to detect any signs of problem gambling in a timely manner. We use advanced algorithms to analyze data and detect possible irregularities. This allows us to take specialized precautions and provide assistance to users who need support and guidance.

Leovegas takes pride in its efforts to ensure responsible gaming and works to ensure that all users of our platform feel safe and secure. We constantly develop and improve our methods and technologies to prevent possible risks and create a comfortable environment for all our customers.

Leovegas Customer Fee for Use of Leovegas Services

Leovegas gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy gambling and win large sums of money. However, just like any other company, we can't provide our services for free. That's why we have a small fee for using our services.

The customer fee for using Leovegas services is only 1% of the winnings. This means that if you win 100 000 roubles you only have to pay 1 000 roubles for using our service. This is a very low fee considering the potential winnings you can receive.

But why would Leovegas charge such a fee? The answer is very simple - we exist to provide you with the best service and continually improve ourselves. Our company is constantly investing in the development of new games, technological solutions and security, so that you can enjoy the game safely, conveniently and with high quality standards.

Thus, paying customers to use Leovegas services is part of our growth strategy and allows us to improve our service to keep you satisfied and loyal customers. We value your trust and are ready to provide you with the best conditions for playing and winning.

Legal safeguards for customers

Your data privacy is guaranteed

Leovegas attaches particular importance to the security and privacy of its customers' data. Your passport data is used solely for identity verification and fraud protection. We guarantee that your personal information will not be given to third parties and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Fraud protection and legal protection

Passport data is important for fraud prevention and to maintain the security of our platform. We use advanced technology and security systems to protect your data from unauthorized access. In addition, Leovegas has legal protections that provide legal safeguards for our customers and allow us to effectively combat any instances of fraud.

Transparent terms of use of your data

We offer transparent terms of use of your data. Customers can be assured that data will only be used within the limits of the law and applicable privacy rules and policies. If we change our data use policy, we commit to notifying customers and giving them the opportunity to withdraw their consent to the use of their data.

Control and access to your data

We provide customers with the ability to control and manage their data. You have the right to view, edit and delete your passport data in your personal cabinet. In addition, you can contact our support team for information about how your data is used and what security measures are in place to protect it.

Full compliance with applicable laws

Leovegas works in strict compliance with applicable laws on the protection of personal data. We adhere to all regulations and standards set by the competent authorities to ensure maximum protection of our customers' data.

Compliance with international standards

Leovegas Cares about your security and understands the importance of complying with international standards for the protection of personal data. We adhere to the highest standards of security and privacy.

Protection of your information

Our competent and professional security specialists work around the clock to make sure your data is protected. We use advanced encryption technology to protect your data from unauthorized access. This means that your passport data and personal information will be kept safe and will not be given to third parties.

Compliance with the law

We strictly comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data. Leovegas provides full transparency regarding the process of collecting, storing and processing your passport data. We guarantee that your data will be used only for the purpose of verifying your account and according to the law.

Leovegas Values your trust and makes every effort to ensure the security of your passport data. We guarantee that your information will be kept secure and used only to provide you with quality services.

Privacy Protection

Total anonymity

Leovegas Guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality of users. When registering and submitting passport data, we use modern encryption technologies that protect your information from access by third parties.

Secure data storage

Your passport data is stored securely on our servers, which are protected by multiple layers of security. We take all necessary measures to protect your data from theft, leakage or unauthorized access.

Access Control

We strictly control access to your passport data. Only authorized Leovegas employees are authorized to access this information and only as required to perform their job duties.

Compliance with the law

Leovegas complies with all laws and regulations regarding the processing and storage of personal data. We will make sure that your passport data will be used only within the limits of the applicable legislation for the protection of personal data.


Through the use of advanced technologies and security systems, we prevent phishing attempts and scams related to accessing your passport details. We actively monitor the safety of our users and take all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents.

Transparency in the way Leovegas operates

Leovegas is one of the most transparent online casinos. We strive to provide our customers with full information about the gaming process and how we handle and store their personal data.

Open rules and terms and conditions

We offer a full and clear description of the terms and conditions that apply to our casino. We have no hidden fees or conditions, and we try to guarantee honesty and transparency in every game.

Security and Data Protection

We understand the importance of customer safety, so we take every measure to protect their personal data. All data transfers are encrypted and our servers provide reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Licenses and regulatory authorities

Leovegas has all the necessary licenses and is regulated by the relevant regulatory authorities. This means that we listen to the rules and regulations set by the industry and comply with them in all aspects of our work.

If you have questions or need more information about our transparent work, please contact our support team. We're happy to help you.

Easy and quick to fill out the form

Leovegas offers you a unique opportunity to fill in the registration or verification form quickly and conveniently. With a simple and intuitive interface, it only takes a few minutes to fill out an application.

You don't have to waste your time with complicated instructions or too many fields to fill out. All the information you need is in one place and the steps are clearly structured.

The benefits of filling out the form at Leovegas:

  • Quick registration: Just a few simple steps and you become a Leovegas customer. The process takes minimal time, which is especially important for those who want to start playing right away.
  • Usability: The form interface allows you to fill in all the required fields quickly and easily. You don't have to search for the right sections or enter the same data multiple times.
  • Privacy and security: All transmitted data is protected with advanced encryption technology. You can rest assured that your personal information is securely protected.

Don't put off filling out the form! The benefits of a fast and convenient Leovegas form are available right now. Start playing in comfort and security today!

Leovegas Client Area

Comfortable and secure solution for players

Leovegas - Is a popular online casino that offers its customers unique features and security guarantees. Leovegas personal cabinet is the perfect place to manage your gaming account and get access to a wide range of services.

Leovegas personal office gives you an easy and convenient way to manage your balance and financial operations. Deposit funds, withdraw funds, control your transactions - all this is available in a few clicks.

Leovegas gives its customers unique opportunities to personalize their gaming experience. In your personal cabinet you can customize your gaming preferences, choose your favorite slots or adjust your betting settings. Thanks to this each client can enjoy the game in the most comfortable way for himself.

Pay special attention to security guarantees. Leovegas offers its customers the most advanced data protection technologies and ensures their privacy. All payment operations, saved cards and other client's information data are strictly protected from unauthorized access. You can be sure that your personal data is reliably protected.

Join Leovegas and get access to a convenient and secure personal account, where you can enjoy the game and control your financial transactions.

How Leovegas processes and stores passport data

Leovegas is an online casino that offers its players the opportunity to have fun and experience excitement. However, in order to ensure the security and protection of player data, Leovegas requires passport data.

Leovegas transfers passport data in accordance with high standards of security and privacy. All data is transferred via secure SSL protocol, which guarantees its security and protects it from unauthorized access by third parties.

Once passport data is transferred, Leovegas stores it in encrypted form in a specially protected database. Player data is inaccessible to unauthorized persons and strictly controlled by Leovegas employees.

Freedom of choice plays a certain role in passport data processing. Leovegas does not require passport details directly when registering on the site. However, if a player wants to become a full member of the casino, he will have to provide passport data. This is an additional security measure that eliminates the possibility of fraud and maintains Leovegas' reputation as a reliable interactive gambling provider.

As a result, providing passport details to Leovegas ensures the security and protection of player data, as well as guarantees the fairness and transparency of the gaming process. Leovegas cares about its customers and makes every effort to provide them with maximum comfort and confidence in the security of their personal data.

Regular security updates

At Leovegas we take the issue of security seriously. We understand how important it is to maintain the privacy and security of our users' personal data. That is why we regularly update our systems and technology to ensure maximum safety.

Our team constantly monitors the latest security trends and innovations to stay ahead of potential threats. We use advanced data encryption, two-factor authentication and other advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

We also thoroughly scan our system for vulnerabilities and conduct regular audits to identify and fix any possible vulnerabilities. We also ensure a quick response to new types of attacks and release security patches and updates as soon as possible.

When you choose Leovegas you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure in good hands. We do our best to keep your personal and financial information secure so you can enjoy the game with full confidence.

Guarantees against data leakage and loss

Leovegas offers a robust system to protect our customers' data. We understand that security is one of the most important aspects when dealing with personal information. That is why we take all necessary measures to protect your passport data.

All data you provide to us is stored in encrypted form on secure servers. We use advanced technology to provide maximum protection against unauthorized access to your personal data.

Protecting your data is not limited to technical measures. We also train our employees and strictly control access to information. Our entire team is subject to strict confidentiality rules to ensure that your data is only handled within the necessary processes.

Our security policy also includes regular security checks and updates to stay one step ahead of potential threats. We also work with leading security providers to ensure the highest level of protection against possible threats.

Protection against unauthorized access

Leovegas is a robust platform that provides a high degree of security and protection against unauthorized access. We understand that keeping your personal data safe is our priority so we take all measures to protect it.

Providing passport information is important to identify a user and ensure the security of their account. We thoroughly check every new user to make sure they are a valid account holder.

How we keep your data secure:

  • Data encryption: All data transferred between you and Leovegas is encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption technology.
  • Hack Protection: We use multiple layers of security to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.
  • Activity Monitoring: Our security team constantly monitors user activity to quickly detect and respond to any suspicious activity.

Security Guarantees:

We strive to make your data as secure as possible. Leovegas complies with data protection laws and does not share your personal information with third parties without your consent. We also adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure that your data remains secure.

By choosing Leovegas you not only get the most popular gambling games but also your personal details are protected. We do everything we can to ensure that you can enjoy playing on our platform in a safe and secure environment.

Responsible use of passport data

Leovegas is a major international online gambling platform that offers you the opportunity to have fun, try your luck and win big cash prizes. To create a safe gaming environment and to prevent fraud, we ask for passport details.

However, Leovegas undertakes to use your passport data only within the scope of its activities and to comply with all legal requirements for the protection of personal data. The data provided will not be disclosed to any third parties and will only be used to verify your identity and to prevent minors from playing on the platform.

Protection of your data

Leovegas provides a high level of protection of your passport data and guarantees its non-disclosure. They are stored on secure servers to which no third party has access. We take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, including encryption and regular security updates.

All Leovegas employees who have access to your passport information are required to maintain confidentiality solely as part of their job duties. The company also strictly controls access to information and penalizes any violations of the privacy policy.

Functioning customer support

Customer support at Leovegas is 24/7 and available to our customers at any time of the day, regardless of time zone. Our team of professionals is ready to answer any of your questions and help you in solving your problems.

You can get help from us through a variety of channels, including phone, email and online chat. Our support team is trained to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so that your experience at our casino is nothing but positive.

We put your satisfaction first and strive to provide you with the best service possible. Our support is always ready to listen to your questions, offer solutions and help you every step of the way. We value our customers and guarantee that your request will be processed as quickly as possible.

Customer support options:

  • Phone support: You can contact us by phone and have your questions answered directly by an operator. We guarantee a fast and high quality feedback.
  • Email: You can send us an email with your question or problem and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. It's important to specify the correct contact address, so we can contact you.
  • Online Chat: If you need help in real time, you can always contact our operators via online chat on our website. Your questions will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Ease of use:

We strive to make interacting with our customer support as convenient and easy as possible. Our customers are provided with detailed instructions and guides on how to use all available communication channels. Moreover, on our website you can always find the section with answers to the frequently asked questions that will help you to quickly solve typical problems.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to help you!

Leovegas' additional security measures

Fair Play

Leovegas adheres to strict rules and regulations to ensure the integrity of the games for its users. All games on the platform are thoroughly checked and certified by independent auditors to guarantee their honesty and unpredictability. That way every player can be sure that game results at Leovegas are completely random and their outcome cannot be manipulated.

Data Security

Leovegas users' personal data and financial information is kept encrypted using state-of-the-art security technology. The company strictly respects the principle of confidentiality and does not disclose information to third parties without user's consent. By using advanced data protection systems, Leovegas guarantees the complete security of user data and prevents unauthorized access.

User Identification

Leovegas requires users' passport details to identify them and ensure their security. This allows you to reliably identify each player on the platform and prevent the possibility of fraud, account hacking or other adverse events. By obtaining valid passport details, Leovegas protects the interests of its customers and creates a safe and secure gaming environment.

Team of Experts

Leovegas employs a team of security experts who constantly monitor and analyze security on the platform. They regularly update security systems, monitor and prevent any possible security threats. The Leovegas team is committed to providing its users with the highest level of security and ensuring that their data and money are securely protected.

All of the above Leovegas security measures allow players to enjoy the excitement and entertainment without worrying about the security of their data and funds. Leovegas exceeds user expectations by providing a safe and secure gaming platform.

Client consent to the processing of passport data

Leovegas, a leading online gambling platform, values the trust and privacy of its customers. That's why we offer you detailed information on passport data and ask for your consent to process it.

Why do we need passport details?

Passport data is a mandatory part of the verification process. According to international norms and legal requirements they are necessary to ensure security and protection against fraud. By providing the correct passport information, we can ensure that your money and personal information will be securely protected.

How we keep your data safe?

Leovegas has years of experience in online gambling, and we take all necessary measures to protect customer privacy. All passport details you provide us with are stored on secure servers and are encrypted. We also cooperate only with reliable payment systems and ensure the security of each transaction.

In addition, Leovegas strictly complies with all rules and legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent and will not use it for any purpose other than to provide you with a secure gaming experience and service.

So, by agreeing to the processing of your passport data, you can rest assured that your personal information is secure and you can enjoy a safe and comfortable gaming experience on our platform.

Automatic processing of passport data

Leovegas offers you a modern and convenient way to process passport data. Our system allows you to automatically read and process information from passports, which greatly speeds up the process of registration and personal data entry.

We strictly adhere to all security measures and guarantee the protection of your personal data. Our system encrypts information and stores it on secure servers to prevent unauthorized access.

The benefits of automatic passport processing with Leovegas:

  • Fast and accurate. Our system reads and checks passport details instantly, so there are no mistakes or misprints.
  • Ease of use. You do not need to enter all data manually anymore. Just attach your passport scan or photo and our system will automatically retrieve the necessary information.
  • Data Safety. We attach great importance to the protection of personal data. Your passport details are kept safe and used only for your Leovegas registration.

Don't waste time with manual passport data entry. Take advantage of Leovegas automatic data processing service and simplify the registration process. Our system guarantees accuracy, security and ease of use.

Protection from financial crime

Leovegas offers reliable protection from financial crimes. We take the security of your financial details seriously and take all necessary measures to protect your privacy.

Working with Leovegas ensures you're protected from fraud and identity theft. We work with advanced technology to ensure the security of your personal data and financial transactions.

An important point in protecting against financial crime is verifying your identity. We undertake to keep your passport data strictly confidential and use it only for identification procedures. This allows us to detect and prevent suspicious transactions and protect you from financial scammers.

Trust Leovegas and you will get a reliable partner who will take the responsibility of protecting your financial interests and provide you with peace of mind and security.

Interaction with regulators and government

Leovegas is a licensed online casino and closely follows all requirements, rules and regulations set by regulators and the government.

We actively cooperate with various gambling regulators such as the British Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Association and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Thanks to this cooperation, Leovegas is licensed and authorized to provide its services in different countries all over the world.

The company also complies with all necessary laws and regulations related to the processing of its users' passport data. Leovegas guarantees safe storage and use of this data in accordance with the law and confidentiality obligations.

In addition, Leovegas actively supports the fight against money laundering, terrorism financing and other crimes related to online gambling activities. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies and participate in a self-regulation program to ensure the safety and integrity of our players.

Interaction with regulators and the government is one of the main advantages of Leovegas, which guarantees players fair play, security and protection of their personal data.

Age control and underage prevention

Leovegas has a strict policy regarding minors and warns minors to play on their platform. To ensure age control and prevent minors from accessing the casino, Leovegas requires passport information when registering.

Age verification is an integral part of the registration process at Leovegas. Providing passport data helps to ensure that a player is of legal age and has the legal right to gamble. This also helps in preventing the platform from being used for illegal purposes and to protect the interests of minors.

Leovegas is committed to providing a safe gaming environment for all users, and age control is one of the main mechanisms of this strategy. Providing passport data is a necessary step to make sure that players on the platform are of legal age to gamble.

When players provide their passport details, Leovegas ensures their privacy and security. The platform follows strict rules regarding data protection and uses state-of-the-art technical means to ensure that user information does not fall into the hands of third parties.

Ensuring fair play and preventing fraud

Leovegas does everything possible to ensure fair play and prevent fraud. One of the methods Leovegas uses is requesting passport data from its customers.

Why Leovegas needs passport details?

Providing passport data helps Leovegas confirm your identity and play safe. This helps to prevent possible fraudulent actions and protect customers from unauthorized access to their account.

Security assurance when submitting passport data

Leovegas provides a high level of protection of personal data of its customers. Passport data are transferred via secure channels and are stored in accordance with the requirements of personal data protection legislation.

Besides, Leovegas strictly abides by the confidentiality principles and does not give the passport data of its customers to third parties without their consent.

Results of passport verification system implementation

By implementing a passport verification system, Leovegas has achieved a high level of security and prevented many cases of fraud. This creates trust with customers and allows them to enjoy the game with a sense of security and fairness.

Leovegas is a place where you can enjoy gambling knowing that your safety and fairness are protected!

Money Laundering Prevention

Leovegas takes serious measures to prevent money laundering and ensure the safety of its customers. We understand that fighting this problem is a priority and we do our best to protect your finances and prevent any illegal activity.

Unique security measures

Leovegas uses advanced technology and methods to ensure that every transaction is secure. We use high performance tools to monitor our platform financial operations and prevent suspicious activities.

We also work with specialized security services and regulators to keep up to date with financial security legislation and take appropriate action.

Receiving Passport Data

To protect our customers from fraud and money laundering Leovegas asks for passport details when you register your account. It allows us to authenticate the customer and establish your identity, which helps prevent illegal activity.

All passport data is stored encrypted on secure servers and only Leovegas authorized staff has access to it. We guarantee complete confidentiality and non-disclosure of your data to third parties.

Your security is our priority

Preventing money laundering is one of the most important tasks of Leovegas. We invest a lot of effort to protect our customers from loss and provide a safe gaming experience at our online casino. Your money and personal details are our responsibility and we handle and store them responsibly.

Player Protection

LeoVegas is one of the leading online casinos that guarantees the protection of every player's interests. We place a high value on data privacy and security, so we require passport details when you register.

Obtaining passport data allows us to verify the identity of each player and prevent fraud. We work with leading security experts to ensure the reliability of our systems and protect players from cyber-attacks and hacker attacks.

Your security is our priority so we use advanced encryption technology to protect your data. All passenger traffic between you and our server is encrypted, significantly reducing the risk of information leakage.

We also follow strict privacy policies and won't share your personal details with third parties without your consent. Your passport data is used exclusively for identification during registration, security and fraud prevention.

By choosing LeoVegas you can be sure that your interests are protected. We offer a quality gaming experience in a safe and secure environment. Register today and enjoy comfortable gaming with guaranteed data protection.

Timely response to customer inquiries

Leovegas is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. An important aspect of this process is timely response to customer enquiries.

We understand that every customer has unique needs and questions that's why we are ready to provide personalized support to everyone. Each customer contact is reviewed as quickly as possible to find the best solution to a problem or answer a question.

Our support team has extensive knowledge of our operations and is always ready to help the customer. They quickly respond to all appeals, offer competent solutions and pay attention to each client.

We offer various ways of communication so that the customer can choose the most convenient one for him. You can contact us by e-mail or through a special feedback form on our website. We also have a 24-hour phone support line.

Regardless of how you contact them, it's important for Leovegas to respond to every customer request in a timely manner. We guarantee that the answer will be given in the shortest possible time and at the highest level.

The choice: to entrust your data to Leovegas or not

Leovegas is a leading online gambling company offering a wide range of gambling and sports betting. In order to use all the features of the platform, users must provide their passport data. However, some people may be puzzled as to whether they should trust their personal information to Leovegas.

Reasons to entrust your data to Leovegas:

  1. Guaranteed data security. Leovegas takes the utmost measures to protect the confidentiality of its customers' data. Passport data is encrypted and stored on secure servers accessible only by authorized staff.
  2. Compliance with the law. Leovegas is a licensed and regulated operator. Providing passport data is required by law and regulatory requirements to ensure anti-money laundering and anti-fraud.
  3. Convenience and security of connected payment systems. Providing passport information allows the user to safely and conveniently use various payment systems to deposit and withdraw funds from their account on the Leovegas platform.


If you do not want to trust your details to Leovegas, you can consider alternative online casinos and betting platforms that do not require passport details. However, keep in mind that some lesser-known and less reliable platforms may not provide the same degree of security and comfort when playing.

Ultimately, the choice to entrust your data to Leovegas or not is up to each user. You have to weigh carefully all pros and cons to make an informed decision.


Why Leovegas requires passport details?

Leovegas asks for passport information to identify users and comply with legal requirements to prevent fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities.

What options do I have when I provide Leovegas with my passport data?

Providing passport information to Leovegas allows access to all features of the platform, including the ability to bet, play casino games, participate in promotions and raffles, and withdraw winnings.

What guarantees the security of my passport data Leovegas provides?

Leovegas provides a high level of personal data protection and strictly observes the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law. Passport data is stored in encrypted form and only specially authorized staff has access to it.

Is it safe to provide your passport data to Leovegas? Whether it can fall into the hands of cybercriminals?

Leovegas takes all necessary measures to secure your passport data. The company uses advanced data encryption and protection technologies that minimize the risk of data leakage. You should also remember that the provision of data is required for platform security and fraud prevention.

What legal requirements does Leovegas passport data provision provide?

Providing passport information to Leovegas is necessary to comply with laws to prevent fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities, as well as to protect minors and maintain responsible gaming.

Can I trust the security of the Leovegas platform?

Leovegas is a large and reliable company that operates in accordance with the law and is licensed to conduct gambling activities. The company actively invests in the security of its platform and adheres to the highest standards of user data protection.

Can I share my passport information with third parties?

No, you must not give your passport data to third parties. As any other company, Leovegas doesn't ask for passport details via email, social networks or other untrustworthy channels. Be careful not to give your information to anyone other than the company's official representatives.

How long does it take Leovegas to verify your passport information?

It usually takes a few hours for Leovegas to verify passport information. If additional verification or data clarification is required, the process may be delayed. If you have questions concerning data verification you can always contact our support service.

I can refuse to provide passport information to Leovegas?

No, providing passport information is a requirement to use the Leovegas platform. If you do not want to give your passport data, you will not be able to register on the website and use services of the company.

My passport data will be used by Leovegas for purposes other than identification?

No, the passport information provided by Leovegas will be used solely for user identification and to comply with the laws against fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities. The company does not give your data to third parties and does not use them for commercial purposes.

How to extend the retention period of my passport data by Leovegas?

Leovegas passport data retention period is defined by law and may be extended only at the initiative of the company in case of legal requirements. If you have any questions regarding the storage of your data you can always contact the company's support service.

You can delete your passport data from Leovegas database?

No, you cannot delete your passport data from Leovegas database. Providing passport data is a mandatory requirement to use the company's platform. The database keeps information in accordance with legal requirements and Leovegas privacy policy.

What type of passport can I provide Leovegas?

You can provide Leovegas with any document that is your legal identity and contains your name, photo and signature. It may be a civil or foreign passport, driver's license or any other document recognized by your country as valid for identification.

How long my passport information will be kept by Leovegas after the account is closed?

Leovegas passport data retention period is defined by law and can be extended only at the company's initiative if necessary to comply with legal requirements. At the end of the retention period, the data will be deleted from the company's database.

Can I use someone else's passport to register with Leovegas?

No, you can't use someone else's passport to register on Leovegas. One of the requirements of creating an account is to provide personal information that matches your passport details. Using someone else's passport is a violation and can lead to account blocking.


As a female customer, I want to share my opinion about Leovegas service and their need for passport information. I am happy that Leovegas requires passport details when registering. This gives me confidence in the security of my financial transactions and protection of my personal information. I appreciate their responsibility and customer care. Thanks to this, I feel confident and comfortable when I play at the online casino. Leovegas creates a trusting relationship with its customers which is an important aspect for me in choosing a gambling partner. I recommend Leovegas to all women who value security and reliability.
I like the security and protection of my data provided by Leovegas. The necessity to provide passport details might be doubtful but it guarantees that my personal and financial details are kept in safe hands. Moreover, this data makes online transactions much more convenient and faster. I am also pleased that you can set your own restrictions and control your activity. As a result, I can fully enjoy the game and not have to worry about my security. Leovegas - a reliable and convenient choice for fans of gambling!
Very happy with my experience playing at Leovegas! When you register you are required to provide passport data, which may cause distrust, but it is normal and necessary procedure to ensure safety. Leovegas really cares about its customers and strictly enforces anti-fraud and underage gambling prevention laws. I really liked the wide line of games and attractive bonuses. All operations are fast and safe. I recommend Leovegas to all gambling enthusiasts!
I was apprehensive about providing my passport details to Leovegas, but after reviewing their privacy policy and security guarantees, it became clear to me that this was necessary to protect my account and monetary transactions. Passport authentication helps prevent fraud and provides a high level of security. Now I feel safe and comfortable playing at Leovegas. Thanks to this practice I can enjoy my time in a safe online environment. Leovegas really cares about their customers and I recommend them to trust their passport details.