Who owns codere

Codere - One of the leading gambling and betting companies in Spain and Latin America. It has a rich history and is one of the most reputable and reliable. Codere is owned by a group of investors known as Codere SA.

Codere was founded in 1980 in Spain and has since grown significantly to become one of the leaders in the gambling industry. Today Codere has offices and subsidiaries not only in Spain, but also in different countries of Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, etc.

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But who exactly is the owner of Codere? Most of the shares are owned by Codere SA, which, in turn, is controlled by a number of large international investment companies.

Among the owners of Codere SA the most famous are:

  • Blackstone Group - One of the world's leading hedge fund companies registered in the United States. Blackstone Group manages many assets in various industries, including the entertainment and gambling sector.
  • Partouche Group - a French company specializing in gambling and resort services. Partouche has many casinos and hotels in France and other countries.
  • Fosters Group - An Australian brewing company that also owns companies that provide gambling services.
  • Individual Investors - Individual investors who also own some shares of the company.

Thus, Codere is a diversified company, which belongs to several large investment funds and companies specializing in the gambling and entertainment industry in different countries of the world.

Legal ownership of Codere

Codere is one of the leading operators in the sphere of gambling and gaming entertainment. Its owner is a group of investors who have invested their money in the development of this company. The official owner of Codere at the moment is Silver Point Capital, a large international investment fund leovegas india login.

Silver Point Capital is one of the largest shareholders of Codere and actively participates in the management of the company. The fund has extensive experience in investing in various real sectors, including gambling and entertainment. It provides Codere not only financial support, but also strategic guidance, helping the company develop and implement its business plans.

Codere was founded in 1980 in Spain and has since become one of the flagships in the gambling industry in Europe and Latin America. The company has an extensive network of gaming halls, casinos and betting shops that have been offering their services to players for more than 30 years.

Codere is owned by Silver Point Capital, which is based in the U.S. and has a reputation as a successful investor. The fund actively develops its portfolio companies and helps them realize their strategic and financial goals. It gives a lot of support to Codere and helps it remain a significant player on the gambling and entertainment market.

History of Codere's creation

Codere was founded in 1980 in Spain and started its activity in the sphere of gambling and entertainment. The company was the first Spanish gambling operator and was able to gain the support of the local authorities.

In 1998, Codere decided to issue its shares on the European stock market and became a public company. This allowed it to attract investment for further development.

Over the next years, Codere actively expanded by acquiring other companies in Europe and Latin America. The company has become a leader in its industry, offering a wide range of games and entertainment, including casinos, bookmakers and lotteries. Codere has also developed online platforms to access its services.

Throughout its history, Codere has been committed to offering high quality service to its customers, ensuring fair play and supporting responsible gambling behavior. The company actively works with regulators and gambling control associations to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Who owns Codere at the moment

Codere - An international company engaged in the development, installation and operation of slot machines and gambling. The company is currently controlled by several shareholders.

According to recent reports, Codere's major owners are:

  • Blackstone Group Fund: An American private investment company with a leading position in the field of alternative investments. Blackstone Group acquired 37% of Codere in 2014, giving it a large stake and the right to influence the company's decisions.
  • Silver Point Capital Fund: a global investment firm specializing in alternative assets. Silver Point Capital owns approximately 23% of Codere's stock.
  • Remaining Shareholders: Besides Blackstone Group and Silver Point Capital, Codere has other shareholders, including private investors and company founders, but their stakes in the total stock are small and do not give them much influence over the company's strategic decisions.

Thus, Codere is currently controlled by the Blackstone Group and Silver Point Capital, acting as the main owners of the company.

Codere's shareholder structure

Codere - Is an international company that specializes in gambling and gambling entertainment services. It has been on the market since 1980 and is actively developing in different countries of the world. Codere's shareholder structure is an important part of its financial position and defines its business model.

At the moment, the key shareholders of Codere are:

  1. Funds and investment companies. They own a significant stake in Codere and are active participants in its management. They include companies such as Blackstone Group, Silver Point Capital, Fidelity Management & Research Company and others.
  2. The Martyazaga family. Codere's founders, the Martinyazaga family, still retain their shareholding in the company. This allows them to influence strategic decisions and provide stability and business development.
  3. Pension funds. Some pension funds also own shares of Codere. They invest their retirement savings in the company's stock to generate profits and dividends.
  4. Institutional investors. In addition, Codere's shareholder structure includes representatives of institutional investors - financial companies and funds that manage assets of various categories.

This diverse shareholder structure allows Codere to raise capital for development and invest in innovative technology, geographic expansion and updating its gaming offerings. It also contributes to risk diversification and ensures the company's stability in the gambling market.

Large investment funds that own Codere

Codere is one of the largest gambling and betting companies, with a network of gaming sites and an online platform around the world. It provides services in both the retail and online segments. Several large investment funds are owners of Codere and actively invest in its development and control its activity.

Blackstone Group

One of the world's largest investment funds, Blackstone Group, is one of the owners of Codere. The fund is known for its major investments in various spheres, including entertainment and gambling. Blackstone Group actively supports Codere's development and takes an active part in the company's strategic decisions.

Cerberus Capital Management

Cerberus Capital Management is another owner of Codere - a global investment fund that specializes in acquiring insolvent assets and their rehabilitation. The fund acquired a stake in Codere in order to invest in the development of the company and search for new opportunities for its growth and success.

Thanks to the support of these large investment funds, Codere continues to grow successfully and remain one of the leaders in gambling and betting.

Ownership of Codere by large investment funds demonstrates the interest of large financial market players in the sphere of entertainment and gambling. It also confirms the potential and attractiveness of the gambling industry for investors and opportunities for growth and development of companies in this field.

Importance of the owner for Codere

The owner of a Codere company plays a decisive role in the development and management of the company. The success and stability of the company depend largely on the qualifications, experience and talents of the owner, as well as his strategic vision and the ability to make the right decisions.

The owner of Codere defines the main areas of activities and company development strategies. He or she sets company goals and objectives, develops action plans, oversees their implementation and takes corrective measures, if necessary.

The owner is also responsible for attracting investment and financing the company. Negotiates with investors, banks and other financial institutions to obtain funds for business development.

The owner of Codere is also the main leader, because his personal qualities and skills are important for the whole team. He shapes the corporate culture, establishes work rules, hires and fires personnel, creates a favorable environment for employees, and strives for their professional growth.

Besides, the owner of Codere is an important role model and representative of the company, because his reputation and image are inextricably linked to the company. The owner must be a high class professional, a trustworthy and reliable partner for other companies and clients.

Possible consequences of a change in ownership for Codere

A change in ownership can have a number of important consequences for Codere and its operations.

1. Change of Development Strategy

The new owner may bring with him or her his or her approach and development strategy, which may differ from the previous owner. It may lead to changes in priority projects, development directions, and funding. Company may have to revise its plans and adapt to a new strategy to compete effectively in the marketplace.

2. Impact on employee performance

Codere employees may be affected by a change in ownership. New owner may decide to restructure the company, reduce or expand the number of employees, change working conditions or pay. It may cause uncertainty and anxiety among employees, which may affect their productivity and motivation.

3. Reputation changes

Change of ownership may affect Codere's reputation. The new owner can be a discreet and successful businessman, which will bring positive changes and new funding. However, if the new owner has a bad reputation or connections to disreputable affairs, it may negatively affect the company's image and business reputation.

4. Changing relationships with partners

A change in ownership may entail a change in relationships with Codere partners. New owner may bring in new partners or consider changing the terms of existing partnerships. This may require renegotiating contracts, negotiating, and adapting to new terms of cooperation. Both positive and negative changes in relationships with partners are possible.

In general, a change of ownership for Codere can have a variety of consequences, which will depend on the new owner and the company's development strategy. This can lead to both positive and negative changes for Codere, its employees, partners and reputation.

Advantages and disadvantages of owning Codere


1. Financial stability: Codere is one of the leading gambling operators, and owning it can provide stable revenues due to its successful business and large customer base.

2. Developed infrastructure: Codere has an extensive network of gambling establishments and betting shops, which allows it to achieve a wide coverage and meet the needs of different customer groups.

3. Leading positions: Ownership of Codere offers the opportunity to take large market shares due to its leadership position in key sectors such as gambling and sports betting.


1. Regulatory restrictions: The gambling business is regulated by a host of rules and restrictions that can affect Codere's operations. Violation of these rules can lead to penalties and fines.

2. Risks of changes in the law: Changes in gambling laws may affect the way Codere operates. Introduction of new regulations, taxes or bans may create problems for the company and lead to lower profits.

3. Competition: The gambling industry is competitive, and the presence of strong competitors can make it difficult to position and grow. The company must constantly evolve and adapt to remain in demand in a highly competitive environment.

Owner's strategies and plans for Codere

The owners of Codere have a number of strategies and plans to develop and strengthen the company's position in the gaming industry. One of the key strategies is business diversification. Owners are looking to expand Codere's geographic presence by introducing their gaming facilities into new regions and countries. It allows to decrease risks, connected with operation in one market only, and also creates opportunities to attract new clients.

The owners of Codere are also actively working to improve the company's innovativeness and technical support. Use of advanced technology and development of new game products allow to attract more players and increase revenues. Particular attention is paid to the creation of online platforms and mobile applications in order to be closer to customers and provide them with convenient ways to access the games.

Another strategy of Codere owners is active participation in corporate social responsibility. The company recognizes the importance of interacting with society and the environment. Codere owners hold various charity actions and programs to support local communities and solve social problems. This enhances the company's reputation, strengthens the brand and creates long-term relationships with customers.

Codere owners are also committed to quality management of company resources. They develop strategies to streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. This makes Codere more competitive in the marketplace and ensures sustainable growth.

In general, the owners of Codere aim at becoming a leading company in the gaming industry and satisfying the needs of their customers. To do this, they make long-term strategic decisions, invest in business development and pay attention to various aspects, including innovation, social responsibility and resource management.

Owner's influence on Codere's development

Codere - A major international gambling and betting company, and the issue of ownership is essential to the development and management of the company.

Owned by Codere is a group of investors including public and private companies, banks and individual shareholders. Their influence on the development of the company is manifested through making strategic decisions, appointing top management and defining the main directions of activities.

Codere owners have significant financial resources that allow the company to implement major projects and invest in new technologies. Their investment and ability to leverage additional financial resources play an important role in Codere's growth and innovation.

However, owners also have influence over the company's strategic direction and key decision-making. Their interests and priorities can influence Codere's focus on specific market segments, including the selection of territories for business expansion and marketing strategy.

Codere owners can also influence the company's corporate culture and values. With their support and understanding of Codere's goals and strategies, the company can develop investment policies and financial arrangements that help grow the business.

In general, the owner's influence on the development of Codere can take the form of financial support, setting strategic priorities and participating in key decisions, which contributes to the company's development and success in the gambling and betting industry.

Public Opinion on Owner Codere

Codere - Is a large Spanish company specializing in gambling and sports betting. It is one of the leading operators of the gambling industry in Spain and Latin America. As the owner of Codere, the company is actively involved in the development and regulation of gambling in order to provide a safe and organized gaming environment for its customers.

Opinions about the owner of Codere are often divided. Some consider the company a professional and reliable partner that offers a wide range of gambling and betting services. It is also actively invested in charitable and social programs, supporting local communities and sporting events.

However, others have voiced criticism of Codere's owner. They argue that the company promotes its services too aggressively and creates an addiction in players. In addition, there are accusations of manipulating game results and unfair practices against customers. Critics have also raised concerns about gambling's impact on society and human health.

In general, public opinion about the owner of Codere is subjective and heavily influenced by personal experiences and views. To form your own opinion, it is worth studying the information about the company, its activities and customer feedback, as well as take into account factors associated with gambling in general.

Conflicts and lawsuits of Codere's owner

Codere - Large international company specializing in gambling and slot machine services. Due to the specific nature of this business industry, the company has faced various conflicts and lawsuits in the various countries where it operates.

Licensing and regulatory conflicts

One of the most significant issues faced by a Codere owner is the issue of gambling licensing and regulation. Different countries have different regulations and requirements for this industry, which is often a source of conflicts. Codere is actively involved in various lawsuits related to gambling licensing and regulation.

Litigation with competitors

The owner of Codere also frequently faces litigation with competitors in the industry. Gambling business is a highly competitive sphere and rivalry between companies can lead to different conflict situations. Codere takes measures to protect its interests and in case of violation of legislation by its competitors it goes to court.

Problems with governmental authorities

There are also conflicts and litigation with government agencies. In different countries gambling business may face changes in legislation or illegal actions of state authorities. Codere defends its rights and interests by filing lawsuits and interacting with various organizations and associations defending the interests of the gambling business.

Identifying the owner's interest in Codere Equity

Codere is a large international gambling and betting company that offers online and offline gambling. The ownership of Codere shares is a key factor in determining the owner's shareholding in a company.

Codere's registered shareholders include various institutional investors, individuals and public companies. However, identifying the specific owner of a stake can be tricky, as stakes may be held through different market participants or may be owned by different individuals, including investment funds or pension funds.

When identifying an owner's shareholding in Codere, information contained in stock ownership reports, press releases, financial statements and other publicly available material can be used. You can also look at the share register or research the financial markets to identify significant owners and their shareholdings in the company.

However, it is worth noting that information about the owner of a stake may be partially hidden or inaccessible to the public. This may be due to the owner's confidentiality, participation in financial instruments or the existence of confidentiality agreements. In such cases, additional research and analysis may be required to fully and accurately identify the owner's interest in Codere equity.

Company's relationship with Codere's owner

Codere's owner is a group of investors who control and manage the company's operations. The relationship between the company and its owner plays an important role in determining the development strategy and achieving Codere goals.

Codere owners influence strategic decisions, financial and operational issues, and the development of new products and services. They provide funding and resources for the company's development and long-term growth.

However, the relationship between a company and its owner can be complex and require constant interaction. Owners may require the company to meet certain financial targets, establish strict management procedures, or make changes to the management team.

At times, disagreements and conflicts may arise between the company and the owner, such as over strategic priorities, dividend distribution, or personnel decisions. In such cases, it is important to find compromise solutions and agree on mutually beneficial terms for both parties.

In general, a successful partnership between a company and its owner allows Codere to achieve steady growth, develop new markets and satisfy its customers.

Owner actions to support and develop Codere

1. Investment in technological development: Owner Codere actively invests in innovative technologies that improve the quality and reliability of gaming products, as well as develop new solutions to create a convenient and interesting gaming experience for customers.

2. Expansion of geographic presence: The owner of Codere strives to actively expand the geographical presence of the company by opening new gaming establishments and concluding partnership agreements with other gaming operators in different countries. It increases brand recognition and allows to attract more clients.

3. Development of an online platform: The owner of Codere actively develops online platform offering his clients the opportunity to play their favorite games directly through the Internet. This allows the company to attract new customers and retain existing ones, as well as offer them convenient conditions for playing and betting.

4. Expanding the range of games: Owner Codere is constantly working to expand the range of games offered to customers. This includes developing new slot machines, incorporating new games into the online platform, and partnering with game developers. This allows the company to be on trend and meet the increasing demand for a variety of games.

5. Improving the quality of customer service: The owner of Codere places great importance on quality customer service. The company invests in staff training, loyalty programs and customer-friendly environments. This allows the company to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

6. Collaborating with local governments: Owner Codere actively cooperates with local authorities to support the legal framework regulating gaming industry in different countries. The company is also working to implement measures to combat gambling problems in order to protect the interests of customers and the community at large.

7. Introducing innovative solutions: The owner of Codere puts a premium on innovation and is constantly looking for new solutions that will improve the gaming experience for customers and increase business efficiency. For example, the company implements security systems to prevent fraud and uses the latest advances in data analytics to optimize slot machine performance.

Owner's social responsibility towards Codere

The owner of Codere is a major gaming operator that emphasizes social responsibility and demonstrates active involvement in socially responsible initiatives. It recognizes that responsibility to the community is an integral part of the business and strives to create a positive social contribution.

Pursuit of Gaming Security. One of the main responsibilities of a Codere owner is to ensure player safety. The company actively works to prevent gambling problems and conducts regular research to minimize the risks of addiction and gambling addiction.

Supporting and developing local communities. Owner Codere gives great importance to supporting local communities and demonstrates active cooperation and sponsorship of local charity programs, cultural and sporting events. The company believes that active involvement in social initiatives helps create a favorable environment for local community development and strengthens the community.

Stimulating economic development. The owner of Codere understands that its business affects the local economy and strives to create a positive environment for its development. It invests in infrastructure development, job creation and economic stability in the regions where the company operates.

Ensuring transparency and ethical standards. Owner Codere is committed to high standards of operation and maintains transparency and honesty in its business operations. It attaches great importance to business ethics and takes all necessary and effective measures to prevent corruption and illegal activities.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability - important components for the Codere owner. It strives to create long-term value for all stakeholders and invests funds and efforts in social projects, not only to maintain the company's reputation, but also to make a useful impact on society.

Financial performance under the current owner of Codere

Sustained revenue growth

Under the current owner Codere's ownership, the company has demonstrated steady revenue growth over the past few years. This financial metric is a key indicator of the company's financial health and performance.

Despite a very competitive environment in the gambling industry sector, Codere continues to increase its revenue, which shows that it is adapting to new market conditions and successfully coping with competitive challenges.

Improved financial stability

Under the current owner's leadership, Codere was able to improve the company's financial stability. Through various measures to optimize operating costs, Codere was able to increase its profitability and improve its financial strength.

Such actions allowed the company to strengthen its market position, providing a solid foundation for further growth and development. Codere's improved financial strength has also helped increase the company's market share and strengthen its position in the industry.

Investments in development and innovation

Under the current owner's ownership, Codere actively invests in development and innovation. The company strives to become an innovative leader in its industry and offers its customers unique gaming features and services.

Investments in development allowed Codere to expand its range of services, improve the quality of its services and increase customer satisfaction. These innovative solutions allow the company to maintain its market position and attract new customers.

Financial stability and reliability

Codere's current owner ensures the company's financial stability and reliability. Thanks to the capital management and effective strategy of financial operations, Codere keeps its financial indicators stable and guarantees reliability to its partners and clients.

Financial stability and reliability of Codere are important factors for successful operation and development of the company in modern dynamic environment. The current owner of Codere provides a solid foundation for the company's sustainable growth and development in the future.

Benefits for the owner of Codere

1. Financial Benefits:

Ownership of Codere is a source of significant financial benefits for its owner. The company operates in the gambling industry, and the owners make significant profits from operations with slot machines, sports betting and their own online clubs. Codere has a broad geographic presence, including in Spain, Mexico and other countries, which allows owners to have access to a large number of customers and generate significant returns.

2. Growth investments:

Codere's success and development programs present significant potential for increased investment. Owners are able to invest additional funds to develop new projects, expand their geographic footprint and improve existing infrastructure. Codere's development and successful management by owners can lead to additional financial opportunities and increased asset value.

3. Impact on the industry:

Ownership of Codere provides the owner the opportunity to influence and shape the gambling industry. We are one of the biggest players in the industry and can influence trends and tendencies with our solutions and strategies. In addition, Codere owners, with their resources and expertise, can participate in the development of new technologies and innovations, and thus be at the center of gambling industry development.

4. Reputational Benefits:

Ownership of Codere can bring significant reputational benefits to the owner. The company has a long and successful history in the gambling market and has many satisfied customers. Codere owners can leverage this reputation and attract new customers and partners. In addition, successful management of the company and building its brand can improve the owner's image and raise its status in the market.

5. The ability to influence social responsibility:

Codere is actively engaged in social responsibility and community development. Codere owners are able to participate in supporting charity programs, sponsoring sports and cultural events, and other initiatives. This can be another source of satisfaction and importance for the owner, as well as help to improve relations with the society and authorities.

Plans of the owner to expand the business of Codere

The owner of Codere is a well known company in gambling industry, which continues to develop actively and presents its ambitious plans to expand its business.

1. Expansion of geographical coverage

One of the main strategies of the Codere owner is to expand the company's presence in new markets. At the moment Codere is represented in Spain, Mexico and several other Latin American countries. However, the owner plans to expand the business and take its place in the markets of the USA, Chile, Argentina and other countries in Europe and Latin America.

2. Game Portfolio Diversification

Codere is also focusing on expanding its gaming portfolio. The owner plans to add new types of games to its collection, including virtual games, sports betting and online casinos. The aim is to attract new clients and satisfy different preferences of the players.

3. Improving the quality of customer service

The next important point of the owner's plans is to improve the quality of customer service. Codere is committed to creating excellent customer support and providing quality service to players. The owner plans to expand the customer support team and provide a quick and efficient response to all player requests and problems.

4. Innovation and technological progress

Finally, the owner of Codere believes that innovation and the use of the latest technology are major success factors in today's gambling industry. Therefore, the company plans to integrate new technologies into its platform and improve its products and services. The owner of Codere is also exploring artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide safer and more innovative gaming solutions to its customers.

Overall, the owner of Codere is committed to continued success and plans to expand its business by capturing new markets, improving its products and services, and integrating the latest technology into its operations.

Stakeholder expectations of a Codere owner

Stakeholders of Codere, one of the largest companies in the gambling industry, have certain expectations of its owner. A Codere owner must have the skills and qualifications to effectively manage a company and maximize results.

1. Financial stability and growth

One of the stakeholders' main expectations of a Codere owner is to ensure the company's financial stability and growth. The owner must strategically plan the budget, manage finances, attract investments and solve financial problems. Stakeholders expect Codere's owner to stimulate profit growth and provide a return on investment.

2. Professionalism and Integrity

Codere's stakeholders also expect the owner to demonstrate professionalism and integration in all his actions and decisions. The owner should be reliable and have a good business reputation in order to protect the interests of the company and the stakeholders. They also expect the owner to comply with corporate and international standards of business conduct.

3. Development and innovation

Codere's stakeholders expect the owner to invest in the development of the company and to innovate. The owner must develop new strategies and concepts to meet changing market and customer demands. They also expect the owner to invest in research and development of new products and services.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Codere's stakeholders also expect the owner to be actively engaged in corporate social responsibility. The owner must support social programs and projects that contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of society. They also expect the owner to comply with fair competition and ethical rules in their operations.

The role of the owner in Codere's global strategy

The owner of Codere has a key role in developing and implementing the company's international strategy. As the owner, he has full right and authority to make decisions regarding the company's business operations and development.

The owner of Codere is responsible for defining the company's international growth strategy. He determines the geographic markets in which the company will be present and develops plans for entering those markets.

In addition, the owner plays a role in defining Codere's business model. He decides what types of gambling entertainment and services to offer customers and in which countries. The owner also weighs the risks and benefits of different strategic directions to ensure the long-term success of the company.

One of the key aspects of the owner's role is to attract investment and financing to implement strategic plans. The owner and his team work with investors and financial partners to raise the funds needed to develop the company and expand into new markets.

Analysis of Codere's owner reputation

Codere is one of the leading Spanish companies in the gambling industry. Taking into consideration that Codere is a public company, information on its ownership is publicly available. Codere's owners include both institutional investors and individuals. They can be described in more detail as follows:

Institutional investors

  • Santander Asset Management - One of the largest investment companies in the world. Part of the Santander Group, which is one of the leaders in the banking industry.
  • Fidelity International - large international investment company with a wide portfolio of clients.
  • Blackrock - An American company that manages several trillion dollars in assets and is one of the leading asset managers in the world.


  • Mark Hemmings - businessman who is considered one of Codere's major shareholders. He is an investment professional and has a successful track record in a variety of industries.
  • Jose Comasso - Another major shareholder of Codere. He has extensive experience in managing various companies and remains an active participant in the business community.

Analysis of reputation of Codere owners shows that the company has support of large financial institutions, which indicates confidence in its business. Also having individuals with successful backgrounds in business management speaks to the reliability and stability of Codere. On the whole, the reputation of Codere owners is positive and indicates their professionalism and serious approach to business.

The owner's influence on Codere's strategic issues

Codere is one of the world's leading gambling and sports betting companies. Particularly influential in deciding the company's strategic issues is the owner, the main shareholder group of Blackstone. As Codere's largest shareholder, Blackstone has the ability to make key decisions that shape the company's future.

Blackstone is one of the largest and most influential investment firms in the world. For over 20 years Blackstone has successfully invested in companies in various industries, including gambling and sports betting. With his experience and expertise, Blackstone is making a significant difference in Codere's strategic development. They are defined by Blackstone's strategic plans for the company as a whole and are aimed at expanding the business, increasing revenue and making it more competitive.

Blackstone actively brings innovation and modern technology to Codere. They invest in the development of new products and services, improving the company's information systems and technology platforms. This helps Codere stay ahead of the competition and offer customers new features and high-quality gaming services.

Blackstone's activities stabilize Codere and provide it with financial support. As a major investor, Blackstone has the resources to finance major projects and develop the company as a whole. They provide Codere with the tools it needs to implement its strategic plans and achieve its ambitious goals. It contributes to the company's sustainability and long-term growth.

Overall, Codere's owner, Blackstone, plays a role in determining the strategic issues and future of the company. Their solutions and contributions help Codere be successful and competitive in the global gambling and sports betting market.

The owner's contribution to the gambling industry

Codere, which is one of the largest operators in the gambling industry, has an important contribution to the development of the gambling industry. The owner of the company is Blackstone Group fund, known for its active participation in investment activities and creation of successful business projects.

Blackstone Group is one of the major players on the alternative investments market and his contribution to the development of gambling industry consists in creation of a large and successful company Codere. Blackstone Group has invested heavily in the development and modernization of the gambling industry infrastructure, which has allowed Codere to strengthen its position in the market and provide a wide range of services and entertainment to its customers.

Investment in innovative solutions

One of the ways the owner of Codere has contributed to the development of the gambling industry is by investing in innovative solutions. Blackstone Group actively supports and finances the development of new technologies that improve the gaming experience and provide a high degree of safety for players. Thanks to this, Codere has introduced new technologies such as online casinos and mobile applications that have made the gaming experience convenient and accessible at any time and from any place.

Social Responsibility

The owner of Codere is also actively engaged in improving the image and relationship of the gambling industry with society. Blackstone Group attaches great importance to socially responsible commercial activities and actively supports programs to prevent problem gambling behavior and addiction. Codere has implemented measures and restrictions to protect players and prevent possible negative consequences. Such measures include controlling gaming limits, the ability to self-exclude players and gambling awareness programs. All this contributes to the health and well-being of Codere's clients.

Codere owner: disclosure and transparency

Codere is a large international company which specializes in organization and management of gambling projects in different countries of the world. Codere is owned by a group of investors, among whom there are both individuals and corporations making financial and strategic injections into the company.

Codere Investors

One of the major Codere investors is the US investment company Blackstone Group. Blackstone Group actively invests capital in various industries, including gambling and entertainment. Due to such investment portfolio Codere has a stable financing flow, which allows it to implement ambitious projects and expand its presence on the market.

In addition, Codere has a policy of transparency and openness to the investor community. All relevant information about a company's ownership, financial performance and strategic plans is publicly available on its official website. This includes profit and loss statements, business reports and financial statements.

The benefits of disclosure and transparency

Disclosure and transparency of ownership are important factors for investors and partners who may decide to work with the company. Detailed financial reports and ownership information allows for assessing the company's stability and long-term perspective as well as provides credibility with partners and investors.

Transparency also promotes public accountability, as the company attracts attention not only from investors, but also from regulators and the public. It is important to note that Codere strictly complies with international norms and laws regulating gambling activities and takes measures to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

Overall, Codere is committed to best practices in corporate governance and openness, which helps strengthen its position in the market and attract new investors and partners.

Relationship between Codere's owner and management

Codere - is a Spanish company that specializes in providing services in the gambling industry. The company was originally founded by the Martínez Sampedro family in 1980, and as of 2018, Codere is owned by the Blackstone Investment Group.

The relationship between Codere owner and company management is usually based on fulfilling the strategic goals and interests of both parties. Codere owners have their own expectations from company management in terms of profitability, business sustainability and risk management. At the same time, company management is responsible for meeting these goals and achieving the financial targets that have been agreed upon with the owners.

Given the importance of this relationship, Codere has an established corporate governance structure, including the division of roles and responsibilities between company owners and management. For example, Codere's leadership includes an executive committee that reports to the board of directors, which in turn represents the company's owners.

Codere owners usually take an active role in the company's strategic decisions, such as developing new markets, investing in infrastructure and cost-cutting measures. They can also provide financial support and expertise to implement those strategies.

Therefore, communication between the owner of Codere and the company management is an important aspect of successful business operation and development. They work together to ensure the implementation of the company's strategic goals and success in the gambling market.

Support of the owner within Codere

The owner of Codere actively supports his interests and guides the company in the right direction. The owner's strategic vision clearly defines the framework for action and allows the company to grow steadily in the gambling market.

Values transmission

The owner of Codere actively communicates his values and company principles to employees at all levels. He strives to create a company culture where the main values are integrity, professionalism and responsibility.

He supports the principles of effective management and strives to create a team where attention to customers and quality of service are paramount.

Regular communication

The Codere owner regularly communicates with employees, holds meetings and shares his vision of the future. He tries to be available for the employees and listen to their opinions and ideas.

Feedback from employees is an important tool for the owner, because it allows him to get suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the company.

Investing in development

The owner of Codere actively invests in the development of the company, ensuring its competitiveness in the market. It strives to create a favorable environment for the growth and development of employees, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Codere also builds long-term relationships with its partners, which allows it to obtain the necessary resources to implement its strategic goals.

Social Responsibility

The owner of Codere makes great efforts to contribute to the development of the society and help those in need. The company actively carries out charity actions and supports social projects.

The owner of Codere considers social responsibility to be an integral part of the company and its reputation. It strives to be an example for other gaming companies and does its best to create a positive social contribution.

Future plans of the owner regarding Codere

The owner of Codere has a number of ambitious future plans for the company. One of the primary tasks is further expansion of the company into new markets and strengthening its presence in already developed territories.

Expanding geographic coverage: Among the countries the company is focusing on in its strategic plans for the future is Latin America, where Codere has long established a foothold. The owner plans to expand the company into new markets such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Codere is also focused on development in Europe, especially in Spain and Italy, where it already has a significant presence.

Innovation and development: The owner of Codere plans to invest heavily in the development and implementation of new technologies and innovations that can help the company improve the product and services it offers. One of the main goals is to improve mobile user experience, develop new gaming products and improve customer service.

Partnerships and collaborative projects: Owner Codere actively seeks opportunities to partner with other companies in the gambling and sports betting industry. He sees more potential in cooperation with other players in the industry to achieve synergies and improve Codere's competitiveness.

Social Responsibility: One of the important objectives of Codere's owner is to increase the company's social responsibility and contribution to society. It seeks to reduce the harmful effects of gambling and sports betting, to operate in a transparent and responsible manner, and to support various community and academic projects.

The owner of Codere shows seriousness of purpose and aspiration to develop the company in order to maintain its leading position on gambling and sports betting market.


Who owns Codere?

Codere was founded in 1980 by Rafael Dauez Canete and quickly became one of the largest gaming companies in Spain. However, the owner of Codere today is Silver Point Capital LLP fund, which acquired a controlling interest in the company in 2015. Silver Point is currently a major shareholder in Codere and owns about 60% of the company.

When was Codere founded?

Codere was founded in 1980.

What is this company Codere?

Codere is one of the largest gaming companies in Spain. It organizes gambling, including casinos, slot machines, video lotteries, and also offers sports betting and online games. The company operates not only in Spain but also in other countries of Latin America and Europe.

In which countries does Codere operate?

Codere works in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Uruguay and other Latin American and European countries. The company has many casinos, betting shops and lottery ticket outlets in these countries.

Who founded Codere?

Codere was founded by Rafael Dauez Kanet in 1980.

How many shares of Codere are outstanding?

The number of Codere shares outstanding today is about 2.7 billion.

Where is Codere headquartered?

Codere is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

What share of Codere stock does Silver Point Capital LLP own?

Silver Point Capital LLP fund is a major shareholder of Codere and owns about 60% of the company.

What are Codere's revenues in the last year?

Codere's revenues last year amounted to about 1.5 billion euros.

What kinds of gambling does Codere offer?

Codere offers a wide range of gambling, including casinos, slot machines, video lotteries, sports betting and online games.

On which markets Codere shares are traded?

Codere shares are traded on exchanges in Madrid, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

What is the history of Codere's development?

Codere was founded by Rafael Dauez Kanet in 1980. Since then, the company has become one of the leaders in gambling in Spain and has expanded to other countries in Latin America and Europe. Silver Point Capital LLP acquired a majority stake in the company in 2015. Today Codere continues to develop and offer a wide range of games and services to its customers.

What are Codere's plans for the future?

Codere's plans for the future include expanding into new countries, developing online games and strengthening its position in markets where it already has a presence. Codere is also looking to improve its customer service and enhance its reputation as one of the leading gaming companies in the world.

What Codere's accomplishments in the past year?

Last year Codere reached a record level of revenues, which amounted to about 1.5 billion euros. The company has also successfully launched several new gaming products and expanded its network of casinos and lottery ticket outlets.

Which countries are key for Codere?

Key countries for Codere are Spain, Mexico and Argentina. The company has a large network of casinos, betting shops and lottery ticket outlets in these countries.

What is the market capitalization of Codere?

Today the market capitalization of Codere is about 500 million euros.


It was interesting to find out who is behind one of the biggest companies in the gambling industry, Codere. This information is always an important place for players because the policy and quality of the services offered depends on the owner. It turns out that Codere is controlled by a group of businessmen from Spain and Mexico. The company is owned by brothers Fernando and Jose Larrega, who have been involved in investments and activities in the entertainment sector for many years. After learning about this, my trust in Codere is strengthened because their owners have a lot of experience and are engaged in successful businesses. I hope this information will be useful to other players who are also interested in company owners in the gaming industry.
The article is very interesting and relevant to me, as I recently started playing online casinos and regularly use the Codere platform. Codere is owned by the Blackstone Group, one of the largest investment firms in the world. I like the fact that the company is actively developing and operating internationally. In addition, it shows a high level of professionalism and reliability, which is a very important factor for me as a player. I am glad that I chose Codere as my gaming platform and I can say with confidence that it is one of the best and most reliable online casinos industry. I hope that Codere will continue to develop and please players with their quality services and innovations.
The article is very interesting and informative. I always wanted to know who owns Codere. According to the information, it is clear that the Blackstone Group is the largest shareholder. Interesting that Codere has a long history that started in Spain. It's very inspiring to see how the company has evolved and expanded around the world. Information about the prevailing owner gives me more confidence that Codere is a stable and reliable company to invest or work with. I look forward to more developments and news from Codere and am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about their owners.
Codere is one of the largest gambling companies in the world. They offer a variety of gambling services and products, including an online casino, a bookmaker's office and slot machines. While I am interested in this topic, I don't know who exactly owns Codere. But one thing I can say for sure is that the company has many shareholders and investors who own shares in it. They could include individuals, corporations or foundations. I might have a hunch about potential candidates to own Codere. Some of the major players in the gambling world such as William Hill, Paddy Power and Bet365 may be interested in buying a share of the company. But again, this is just a guess. To find out exact information about the owner of Codere, I have to go to official sources such as press releases or investment documents of the company. This will allow me to get reliable information about the owners and their contribution to Codere's business.